Friday, April 18, 2008

greetings from salmon falls wa

Kicking off my blogspot "salmon falls". It's a cold, dreary 18th of April here in Salmon Falls, Washington. Spring is unusually late this year. I've been looking at photos from around the Northwest and it appears we've had an unusually snowy winter here, which is good. The ski areas quit for lack of interest the past two weeks, not for lack of snow--

I think I'd like to quit this winter for lack of interest myself. If it would go away, that is.

You know that every day of the year has its counterpart, except the solstices--June 21 and December 21 (usually). The counterpart of April 18th is about August 25th. That is, the sun is at the same height and the day is the same length as Aug. 25th. It sure doesn't seem like it, though!

We've been trying to get some yard work done, but the weather has been hampering our efforts. Last week we left a 5-gallon bucket on the back porch. At the end of the week I was amazed to find about 8 inches of water in it, and realized that with its cylindrical shape, it was an excellent rain gauge. 8 inches in a week. A fairly normal week.

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