Monday, November 23, 2015

Safest place to be in a terrorist attack

This is copied from Dave Hodges' Common Sense Show blog, entitled "The Safest Place to Be in a Terrorist Attack is Next to President Obama".  I think the key paragraphs are worth saving and pondering:

It is so clear that if terrorists wanted to assassinate political figures, such as a President, they could and they would. If John Hinckley can get close enough to shoot President Reagan, then a “Muhammad Atta” should be able to get even close enough to President Obama. Then why don’t they? The answer is simple, all terrorism is state sponsored terrorism and terrorists are not going to bite the hand that feeds them. And who controls the state? The elite who are using these tools of political manipulation which will perpetuate their agenda. And what is their agenda? The agenda of the NWO is clear and unmistakable. They seek to erase all national boundaries, as evidenced by the hordes of immigrants which are destabilizing the so-called Western democracies.
Through fear mongering, perpetuated by a series of so-called terror attacks, the NWO is conditioning the sheeple to accept a brutal, totalitarian dictatorship which will include the elimination of all individual civil liberties and the NWO is using Muslims to accomplish this goal.


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Marcel Cousineau said...

Where's the safest place to be when God becomes the terrorist ?

with a broken and contrite heart, mourning and on our knees.

Ezekiel 9 - when God became a terrorist

Far, far away from Obama as we saw this weekend with Jonas aka snowzilla

I would be careful with many of the talking heads today. They ignore the bigger picture.
Kind of like the blind leading the blind.

The fear of the Lord brings wisdom, wisdom from ABOVE.

Their serious defect and eventual downfall is that many of the hired shepherds/false prophets don't fear God, and are more interested in their god, profit$.

Obama Brings Disaster to America