Saturday, February 6, 2016

Re: BLM takeover of ranchers' lands

"What do you think about the federal Bureau of Land Management staking claim to land that has been owned by Texas ranchers for over 70 years? Should the BLM take into consideration that the land owners have deeds handed out by the State of Texas and that they have been paying property taxes on the land over the years?"

This comment at the end of the article really burned me.  "Should the BLM take into consideration..."!  In other words, the BLM is the arbiter of this affair!  There wouldn't possibly be a conflict of interest, would there?

I'd like the sentence to read, "Should the BLM take into consideration...that with the wide dissemination of happenings like this on the internet, their chances of burying this whole affair may be greatly limited compared with past years, and could set off a firestorm of outrage not only against the BLM but against federal agencies in general, and against the whole idea of immunity from prosecution for federal officials that only dates back to a 1970s decision which, if reversed, could result in a number of bureaucrats having their butts thrown into the slammer for long periods of time, not to mention the public infamy brought upon them and their families?"  That's what it SHOULD read. 

Whew, that felt good.

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