Saturday, September 12, 2015

Christian Societies vs. Muslim Societies

...what about my question of why Muslim countries are not taking care of these people fleeing war? Neighboring countries?

I replied:
Muslims don't really care for their own people. It's not in their worldview. You have to understand, whether you're a Christian or not, much of your worldview is shaped by your being born and living in an historically Bible-based culture. The fact you're even asking the question is evidence of that.

I was part of a Christian NGO that responded to the crisis in Iran after the earthquake in Bam some years back. My thoughts at the time were, "Hey, there's 70 million people in Iran. There are around half a million survivors of the earthquake in need of food, clothing, and shelter. You mean to tell me that 140 people in this society can't find the wherewithal to take care of one person's needs in an emergency?" And Iran wasn't a poverty-stricken basket case like, say, Bangladesh. Their per capita income is about a third of our obscenely wealthy level, and WAY above the level of the country my wife and I were living in at the time, so I had some perspective.

What the Iranians were doing in response to the crisis was to hamper and hamstring our efforts while diverting as much to their own pockets and Tehran as possible. And the grassroots efforts at sending aid and help to the devastated area that you'd expect in the US or any western country? ^Crickets.^

Some friends of mine were collecting clothing and sending it in semis to the affected areas. You know what the response of most of the recipients was? They threw the clothing on the ground since it wasn't new. I'm not sure if they were insulted being given second-hand clothing (much of what I wear was bought at thrift stores), or if they felt they'd be contaminated wearing what some infidel wore, I don't know.
Muslim societies are VERY different from historically Christian societies.

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