Sunday, September 13, 2015


Charlemagne (Re the devastation done by homosexuals to young boys):

I cannot help but wonder how many boys' lives, and their families' lives, must be destroyed to indulge the 1.75% of born deviants, mutants, who should abstain for the common good.


If I may offer a speculation on the motivations of that small minority who would destroy lives on the altar of their perversity--I think they realize that they are at odds with the whole fabric of the universe. This is too much of a mental/moral burden, so they feel compelled to destroy/remake the entire universe, if possible, to accommodate themselves and their sexual practices as normal. Whatever must be swept away will be. It's akin to Lenin's pronouncement that you've got to "break a few eggs (in his case, sacrifice perhaps 60 million lives) to make an omelet". The greater cause in Lenin's mind was the establishment of world communism. In the case of the militant homosexuals, it's the acceptance, even the approval, of their practices.  This is actually, if you think of it, no less of a paradigm shift than the acceptance of the marxist dialectic.

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