Friday, August 7, 2015

On the Holocaust

An email I sent my Uncle Frank (aka Fwank) in response to a forwarded editorial re Planned Parenthood's PR firm (in it, the writer recommended a mandatory tour of Auschwitz for the PR firm's members):

Uncle Fwank,
Thanks for forwarding this.  I took the tour in the summer of '89 during my stay in Krakow, just an hour away.  It's very sobering.  Followed up by Yad Vashem in Jerusalem in '93.  Double whammy.
But you know, I don't think we've got a generation here that would react in a human manner to such atrocity.  Frankly, I think if these folks were to take the mandatory tour, they'd be looking for the nearest McDonald's afterwards, having worked up an appetite:  "It's quite a long tour, y'know.  Looking at musty old relics and such.  Interesting for history buffs, but..."
Which is precisely why they're going to win the day on this one.  Because the whole society has caught their disease.  They really don't have to do much.  Just let Americans' short attention spans and tolerance for the grotesque and horrible do their work for them.  Sure, there are some RADICALS with POLITICAL AGENDAS out there who're trying to make a big deal out of this, but y'know, they don't care EVEN ONE LITTLE BIT about women's health.  They've LOST THEIR MORAL COMPASS (Harry Reid).

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