Wednesday, August 12, 2015

McDonald's struggling, Starbucks prospering. Comment on "Fast Coffee and the Internet" (Daily Bell)

The big difference between Mickey D's and Starbucks? McD's is fast food (and decent coffee) for the unwashed masses, while Starbucks is clearly aimed at the upscale techie. I wonder if Starbucks' business model would have flown in the '50s? You know, the era of 850-square-foot postwar boxes cleverly disguised as housing for the proletariat? Containing one bathroom, one TV, and one car in the driveway? The occupants of which were reveling in their new-found prosperity? Somehow, I doubt it. I doubt if Ralph Kramden would have patronized Starbucks. Our current ridiculous level of wealth makes the Starbucks phenomenon possible.

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