Thursday, August 6, 2015

I don't see any other ethnic group besides Anglo-Saxons who freed another ethnic group on moral grounds at the cost of 630,000 men in all of history. And it looks like that was just the down payment. The Civil War, insofar as it was about slavery (there were other factors), was about the only disinterested war I can think of--where the motivation was not survival or economic gain, but rather, moral principle. What an amazing thing! What a testimony to the greatness of our nation and the Judeo-Christian values it was founded upon! No one else, no other nation that I can think of, would have even considered it. I guarantee that our present society, departed as it is from those values and given over to pragmatism and self-indulgence, would never make that sacrifice. Today we face another moral watershed--the killing of unborn children. Will we pass this test? There is a difference between the two, however: One, the enslavement of Africans didn't automatically involve their wholesale slaughter, and two, it's unlikely that those seeking to abolish state-sanctioned killing of the unborn will be asked to give their lives for their convictions. So in the present case, the compelling issue is even greater, while the sacrifice required is less. And even so, we can't seem to bring ourselves to deal with it. Woe to us.

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