Friday, October 9, 2015

Re: Bank Bailouts, etc.

Mortgage debacle:  If the money given to the bankers (in 2008) had been given INDIRECTLY via paying off mortgages instead of directly into the banksters' pockets, the net result as far as the banksters were concerned would have been the same, but the effect on the economy would have been far, far different. Actually, even the banksters would have been better off, since their balance sheets would have been looking a lot better without all the defaults and foreclosures, AND they'd have the money to boot! Win-win-win. But then, how would we perpetuate the indebtedness with which the public is shackled? Such a dilemma!
Foreign Policy and Blowback:  As I view the madness with which our foreign policy is being conducted, I can't help but wonder if the opposition will be content to just watch us collapse economically into chaos, or if they'll be vindictive enough to attack when we're in that weakened state. My bet's on the latter.
Gold and Silver:  I'm amazed at the unwillingness of the public to buy at low prices, although the physical market is showing signs of rationality.

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