Thursday, June 2, 2016


I read an article yesterday written by a guy named Frum who basically said that Donald Trump was running as clan leader of the whites.  It was supposedly a serious editorial.  This is how crazy the left has gotten lately.

My first thought was, okay, what percent of the white vote did/will Trump get?  Half?  More?  Less? (he won't get my vote; I'm not voting in this election for the first time in my 67 years).
What percent of the black vote do you suppose Obama got?  Without doing any research, I'm guessing over 90%.  Perhaps considerably over (I just did some research--99% for O in 2008, 93% in 2012.  My guess was correct). I read somewhere that in some precincts O got over 100% of the black vote--even assuming that EVERYONE in that precinct was black, which is possible, but not very likely.  That is to say, there were more Obama votes than registered voters.  Hmmm.

But Obama's not a clan leader of the blacks.  Nah!  Blacks wouldn't possibly be voting for O based upon the fact that he resembles a black, would they?

Furthermore, while whites aren't supposed to be clannish (it's KKK, skinhead, and swastika time if they even show the slightest tendency), blacks are EXPECTED to be clannish.  In fact, blacks who aren't clannish are vilified.  The terms uncle Tom, oreo, traitor, turncoat, etc. come to mind.

If you're black, you're expected to be black first, then secondarily everything else.  Black solidarity is of paramount importance.  In other words, if you have the misfortune to be born black in the United States, you're basically doomed to not really have a life.  You're expected to spend your life focused on your ethnicity, to the detriment of anything else you might want to be or pursue.  Pretty depressing, I'd say.

3/6/17:  I thought I'd update this post to demonstrate the truth of my last paragraph.  It seems that a young black woman found out she was actually about 1/3 white and was profoundly depressed by this discovery.  Much of the edifice upon which she had built her life and worldview was shaken.  Here are her words:

"It’s as if I’ve obscured the one thing which has guided me since I was nine years old.”


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