Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thoughts on Orlando

The left's response to the horrific shootings in Orlando is perverse, but predictable.

Here we have:
--A Muslim man, Omar Mateen
--With ties to ISIS
--Who has in the past made comments on Facebook pledging himself to ISIS
--shooting around 100 people in a gay nightclub
--whose widow apparently knew of his plans but said nothing
--etc. (need I dig any further?)

So what's the left's response to date?

--Of course, there were calls by the President on down for disarming Americans
--Hardly any mention of the fact the shooter was Muslim
--emphasis on the fact he was born in America, so he was "American" (read, white)
--A Catholic bishop blames "religion"(code for Christianity), especially Catholicism for the shootings
--Protesters gathered outside a gay bar here in Sodom where I live with shirts saying "Stop Killing Us"
in order to indict heterosexual America for the crime

So, a follower of Mohammed (CBOH) decides to slaughter people in a public venue and succeeds beyond his wildest dreams.  The response by the left is to use the occasion as an opportunity to demonize and pound on gun owners, heterosexuals, white people and Christians.  Makes perfect sense.

BTW, re his wife keeping quiet--this is something Muslims do very well when they want to.  My wife and I had a friend who was assassinated in a women's clinic in Lebanon by what was probably a hired hit man, probably for the crime of giving her Christian testimony to women who came in.  My guess is that the entire community knew who the culprit was, but--Surprise, surprise!--the police were seemingly unable to obtain any clues as to his identity.  (The police also probably knew who the hit man was.  It's possible it was one of them.  After all, they're the professionals.)  This, despite an outward outpouring of sympathy from said community for the bereaved husband, who afterward wrote a book about the experience and his need to forgive the killer. Muslim killers disappear into their communities like sugar disappears into coffee. 

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