Friday, June 3, 2016

Hillary and Scarface--A Reprise of Sorts?

In an earlier post I noted the irony that Al Capone ("Scarface") was finally nailed by the IRS on tax-evasion charges, because the FBI couldn't seem to get enough evidence to indict him otherwise even though he was connected to dozens, perhaps hundreds of murders.  Not to mention all the other mayhem and illegality he was involved in.

Now we have the spectacle of Hillary Clinton's (finally) being very close to indictment by that same FBI, at the end of a very long trail of corpses, rape victims, money laundering and securities fraud for...using an unsecured private email server!

Do I detect a pattern here?

Am I correct in suspecting the Gov puts its own interests WAY, WAY above the interests of the mundane citizenry?  I mean, blow a few people away, steal a few million (or billion), dishonor a few unsuspecting women, and if you've got enough clout, the investigators and prosecutors will look the other way.

But you'd better NEVER, EVER try to scam, steal from, threaten, or lie to the US GOVERNMENT.  Don't even think about it.

Makes me think of the provisions the Gov has in place for "Continuity-of-Government", or COG.  Look it up.  They're just making sure that in a worst-case scenario, the FedGov will survive, even if all the citizens of this country perish.  They're not important, don'tcha know?  It's a question of priorities.

Less money than TPTB have spent on COG would protect our electrical infrastructure from an EMP, whether by nuke (think, North Korea and Iran) or solar flare (which we're overdue for, the last big one being in the 1850s).  Such an event would result in the deaths of 90% of the US population within a year.  But that's not important.

BTW...the Hillary Clinton saga isn't over yet.  It wouldn't surprise me if she got off.  She's got way more clout than Capone ever did.

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