Sunday, June 5, 2016

Morality of the Left

I'm thinking now about the protest riots and thuggery at the Trump rallies, and how much the police and media are giving the violent protesters a pass.  And I'm asking myself why.  Why do they get handled with kid gloves like this?

The thought occurred to me that it might partly be due to the fact that they're so morally self-righteous.  Leftist protest is always about moral, righteous (or self-righteous) indignation.  The left and its henchmen (the brownshirts in the streets) are calling Trump and his followers the worst kinds of pejoratives, characterizing them as morally lacking and utterly without redeeming social value.

The media, who share this self-righteous point of view, mostly are privately or not-so-privately cheering them on.  The police, who are government bureaucrats, are captive to the PC which has entirely infected the government at every level.  I know.  I work for the post office.

But wait!  Isn't this the same Left that basically repudiates the idea of moral absolutes, moral CATEGORIES (like good and evil, right and wrong) even?

Aren't these the people who gave us:

--Situational ethics
--Relative morality
--"If it's right for you, it's right"
--"If it feels good, do it"?

In light of this,

Why aren't they being challenged on their hypocrisy?

But as it is, the left recruits, and wages war against society, by means of MORAL arguments.  What utter cynicism.

If a true diehard lefty is challenged on a moral point, and he senses he's losing the argument, he'll look you straight in the eye, spit in your face, and say,


Why don't we call them on this?

Just wondering.

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