Sunday, June 5, 2016

Welcome to America

A thought just occurred to me, regarding the influx of muslim "refugees" into Europe.

Here we have:

--A large, unassimilable minority
--Of a very different ethnicity and culture
--Who, in many cases, have entered through extra-legal means, but
--Who feel perfectly entitled to stay as though their host countries were obligated to them
--Whose worldview and standards are very different from the majority's
--Who largely or entirely live off government (that is, taxpayers') largesse
--Who have a tremendous sense of entitlement
--Who have little or no interest in the cultures of their host countries
--Who not only don't have the best interests of their host countries at heart, but,
--Who are even actively involved in tearing down the host countries and their cultures, and
--Who fully intend, with the help of the Left, to remake said countries and cultures in their own image
--And whose levels of all kinds of crime are way out of proportion to their numbers, but
--Who are vigorously defended and apologized for by the PC establishment, and
--Who are now, because of their numbers, getting a great deal of political "clout".

All I've got to say is,

                                NOW YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS, EUROPE!

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