Thursday, June 2, 2016

Obama's blackness

Re my comment in the previous post that O "resembles" a black:  Yes, his father was (supposedly) Kenyan.  Although East Africans and West Africans share the same continent, they are very different peoples.  Just ask someone from either East or West Africa.

Secondly, even if he were half WEST African (which he supposedly is not, Frank Davis rumors notwithstanding), he's culturally not African-American.  I know Africans, and I know (non-black) Americans, and I know African-Americans.  They are three very distinct groups culturally.

I happen to believe that culture trumps skin color or any other physical characteristic.  Yes, there is an average skin-color difference between white Americans and black Americans, but the real difference is culture.  I think I stand on pretty firm Biblical ground when I say that.  God "created of one blood every nation of men that dwell on the face of the whole earth, and appointed for them the times and boundaries of their habitation", if I remember how it goes.  It's in Acts where Paul addresses the Athenians.  Also, at the tower of Babel, God confused our speech so that we couldn't communicate effectively to continue building that monstrous idol.  And the human race was dispersed from there by language groups.  BY LANGUAGE GROUPS, not by physical characteristics.  Those characteristics developed later, after people had lived in isolation for centuries.

So, to recap:

Obama: a) is at most only half "black"
             b) has ethnic roots in East Africa rather than West like black Americans
             c) is culturally not African-American anyway (except, perhaps, for his Marxist politics)

But he does have somewhat dark skin and curly hair, so let's vote for him, right?

I wonder what the reaction would be if the candidate were Alan Keyes, Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson, or Walter Williams?  Do I even have to ask?  We know what the answer is.  These guys don't count as black because they're not in the fold.  In order to be full-fledged black in today's climate, you must be far enough left politically to at least be PC.  If not, you've forfeited your blackness.

What a joke American political discourse has become.

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